Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cameron Highland!!

It's Chinese New Year Holiday!! The weather was so hot!! Where should we go? Cameron Highland it is!!!

Cameron Highland
Boh Tea Visitor Centre

DSC01113 copy

DSC01109 copy

DSC01100 copy
My colleagues Vivian and Joseph is having a date..haha

DSC01099 copy
My fellow colleagues.

DSC01094 copy

DSC01059 copy

DSC01037 copy

Cameron Highland
My colleague JiaKang.

Cameron Highland
I don't remember, what were we waiting?

Cameron Highland

DSC01028 copy

DSC01020 copy

DSC01015 copy

DSC01003 copy

DSC01001 copy
Vivian is gonna getting married soon, I still can't accept it!! Haha!!

DSC00998 copy
Baby's laughter

DSC00977 copy
Tea Plantation Look out Point

DSC00976 copy

DSC00964 copy
Love huh..

DSC00943 copy

DSC00933 copy

DSC00931 copy


DSC00920 copy

DSC00912 copy

DSC00911 copy
These people have run out of patience..

DSC00907 copy

DSC01052 copy

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