Saturday, August 13, 2011

Flowers!! Flowers!! Flowers!!

I went to the Taman Perdana for more pictures of flowers...this time I really saw a lotus..not a small one but a huge one..I used my Minolta 500mm Reflex to play with some effects..

Equipments brought with me: Minolta 500mm F8 Reflex, MInolta 100mm Macro F2.8, Sony 50mm F1.4, Konica Minolta 17-35mm F2.8-4, Minolta 75-300mm F4.5-5.6 Big Beercan

lotus plant 2

Lotus Plant 3

Lotus Plant 1

Lotus Plant 2

and of course some other flowers too.


DSC09037 copy

DSC09035 copy

DSC09077 copy

DSC09055 copy

DSC08954 copy

DSC08941 copy

White flower

Water Lilies

Recently I have seen some very nice pictures of water lilies and lotuses makes me feel like taking some picture of nice lotuses too. Initially planned to go to Nilai or Cyber Jaya lake Garden for pictures unfortunately my friend Anson told me there's a function to be held at Nilai and its not the season yet at CyberJaya. Feel dissapointed but yet I can't help myself...therefore I went to a small pond under my office building to take some pictures. There were some nice water lilies however there's no photography allowed...well I just pretended that I didnt know and take the picture as fast as I could and left there just right before the security came.

DSC08899 copy

DSC08900 copy

Water Lilies

DSC08869 copy

DSC08866 copy

DSC08864 copy

DSC08863 copy

DSC08860 copy

DSC08851 copy

Water Lilies