Monday, December 12, 2011

Mei Yee Engagament

I was invited by my friend Liyan to take her friend's engagement photos the other days. I'm happy for this couple and wish them all the best!!

DSC06181 copy

DSC06184 copy

DSC06187-2 copy

DSC06196 copy

DSC06197-2 copy

DSC06198 copy

DSC06212 copy

DSC06220 copy

DSC06226 copy

DSC06231 copy

DSC06241 copy

DSC06251 copy

DSC06257 copy

DSC06259 copy

DSC06260 copy

DSC06261 copy

DSC06265 copy

DSC06273 copy

DSC06277 copy

DSC06281 copy

DSC06283 copy

DSC06285 copy

DSC06291 copy

DSC06293-2 copy

DSC06295 copy

DSC06302 copy

DSC06305 copy

DSC06307 copy

DSC06314 copy

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Lotus Plant

I've been looking for a lotus pond for some but can never get a good one either they're not in season or they're too far to reach. Never know that just 15 minutes drive from my house there is a huge, beautiful lotus pond....I discovered it accidentally when I went for shooting at Selayang Kite Park.

Lotus PLant

Lotus Plant

Lotus PLant

A fishing oldman

Lotus Plant

Lotus Plant